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*Washer/Dryer Status - 10-18*
*First Floor:*
>:white_check_mark: Top VDJ877
>:white_check_mark: Bottom VDJ877
>:white_check_mark: Single VDJ981
>:white_check_mark: Left 
>:white_check_mark: Middle
>:white_check_mark: Right 
*Second Floor:*
>:white_check_mark: Top VDL347
>:no_entry_sign: Bottom VDL347
>:white_check_mark: Single VDL121
>:no_entry_sign: Left VEF378
>:no_entry_sign: Middle VRA608
>:no_entry_sign: Right VUW976 (doesn't spin - clothes soaked & soapy)
*Third Floor:*
>:white_check_mark: Top VDV511
>:white_check_mark: Bottom VDV511
>:white_check_mark: Single VDL109
>:no_entry_sign: Left WAD644
>:no_entry_sign: Middle VEF370
>:white_check_mark: Right VEF372
*If you find one of the washers or dryers is not working please indicate its status with :no_entry_sign: *

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