Using Factoids

Say !factoidname in any channel where Marvin is to run a factoid. If the factoid takes arguments, provide them after the name, space-separated. The ! must be at the very beginning of the message. This is also called a bang-factoid.

You can also run a factoid by saying @marvin factoid get factoidname. As before, provide arguments as normal.

Writing Factoids

Use the @marvin remember factoidname content command to set a factoid.

If you need the factoid content to contain newlines, do this:

@marvin remember example &1

If you need multiple multiline parts, just add a &2. This works for all commands in Marvin - but not for bang-factoids, as they always use the entire message!

If you're having trouble with phrases like %args% and $flip(...) being interpreted in the output of your Lua script, either preface your output with {raw} or change the {lua} directive to {luar}. The second prevents interpretation before the Lua code executes, while {raw} disables interpretation of the output.

Factoid List